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Then, graciously distribute them (physically, digitally, or both) ahead of Election Day, Tuesday, November 4 to ensure your congregation is full of educated and informed American citizens – rather than a lot of lost sheep* without a shepherd.

* If you are a member of your pastor’s flock, please encourage his “good shepherding” by helping him find the best church-appropriate or synagogue-appropriate voter guide(s) for your body of believers. Time is short.

Your First Amendment Rights

About Christian-Jewish Voter Guides

We anticipate 10-20 million voter guides herein will be delivered to Evangelical, Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox and Jewish congregants (in physical print form as well as digitally via email and online download), especially on the weekends before Election Day, Tuesday, November 4. THE LIFE, MARRIAGE, CONSCIENCE & ISRAEL VOW Consortium behind is contacting the USA's pastors and rabbis via telephone, email, social media, the blogosphere and snail mail letters (millions of communiques) from October 20 to November 4 to impact State and Federal elections with a better-informed American electorate.

IMPORTANT: Final ground shipments and overnight deliveries to church/synagogue offices for all PRE-ORDERED, PRE-PRINTED, CONFIRMED-COUNT voter guide packages will occur on Thursday, October 30 and Friday, October 31, respectively. If you have ordered printed quantity of a voter guide(s) and for any reason fail to receive physical delivery by Friday, October 31, (aka, Reformation Day, All Saints Eve, All Hallows’ Eve, Halloween), simply download your selected guide(s) for local printing in adequate supply for weekend worship services preceding Election Day on Tuesday, November 4.

In that event, and if the expense of office/local printing is significantly burdensome for your congregation, please send a note to describing the cost; depending on total needs and resources, we will try to take your sacrifices into account when disbursing financial donations between Thanksgiving and Christmas/Chanukah. Any and all voter guide selections rest with local pastors, rabbis and their congregations. We do not require that any particular voter guide(s) be used from here or from elsewhere.

Yet, especially in light of the clear and present danger to Natural Marriage, First Amendment Free Speech, Religious Liberties, Freedom of Association, Freedom of Conscience, Property Rights and Church/Synagogue finances which the totalitarian LGBT-sodomatrimony movement represents to everyone of Jewish or Christian Biblical conviction and faith, the Consortium encourages all pastors and rabbis to consider THE LIFE, MARRIAGE, CONSCIENCE & ISRAEL VOW voter guides for inclusion in voter guide distribution efforts in 2014 and 2016.

House Republican and Senate Democrat debt-financing of abortionists, anti-Semitism, homosexuality, and offenses to Conscience and Religious Liberty MUST come to an end in 2015; we NON-NEGOTIABLY REJECT all such evil borrowing and spending by Congress.

Special Thanks: See below.

Choose the right church- or synagogue-appropriate Voter Guide(s) for your congregation now:


Q:  How can we tell Capitol Hill heroes from frauds?

A:  If they Vow against U.S. NATIONAL DEBT - financed SUBSIDIES for anti-Semitism, abortion, mandatory killing and homosexuality.


Most Capitol Hill Republicans and Democrats shamefully cooperate to DEBT-FINANCE and SUBSIDIZE these evils by means of IRS receipts plus U.S. borrowing at about $16,000 per second.

Would Congress subsidize Auschwitz?

Would President Obama subsidize lynchings?

Well, then why are most Congressional Republicans and Democrats borrowing from China to kill American babies?

Why are Democrats, aided and abetted by Hill Republicans, killing young women like Jennifer Morbelli?

Why are they all subsidizing anti-Semitism, jihad and Jew-hate in the West Bank and Gaza?

Why are Republicans still funding IRS enforcement of conscience-violating and coercive "Obamacare" abortion pills and devices mandated on faithful businesses, on ministries like Dr. Dobson's and upon Judeo-Christian institutions like the University Notre Dame, Liberty University, Yeshiva University and Wheaton College, to kill the unborn children of employees?

Why has the Roman Catholic, Evangelical and Jewish leadership of the U.S. House been so wimpy? Why are they still debt-financing the butchers at Planned Parenthood?

And why, for God’s sake, are House and Senate Republicans (with Dems) engaged in National Debt-financing of same-sex wedlock – the federal subsidization, imposition and enforcement of homosexual “marriage” by Obama and his judges against the 10th Amendment, the frightened Governors, the constitutions and the People of the USA’s “Straight State” Majority?

READ Gov. Mike Huckabee’s historic letter of June 25, 2013 to House Speaker John Boehner.

WATCH Gov. Huckabee’s June 19 Capitol Hill speech vs. U.S./G.O.P.-subsidized judicial supremacy and the nationalization of LGBT wedlock.

Then, take a hard look at where so-called “pro-Life,” “pro-Marriage,” “pro-Conscience” or “pro-Israel” candidates in each party really stand!

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4. Focus on the Family - State Family Policy Council Guides

5. AIPAC: The American-Israel Public Affairs Committee

6. Dr. James Dobson's Family Talk Action

7. Family Research Council Action

8. Tea Party DEBT-HAWKS – Voter Guide

9. Mike Huckabee’s America Takes Action

More Pastor/Rabbi Resources

Special Thanks: This unprecedented effort simply would not have been possible without a) crucial inputs from some of the USA's top Jewish leaders and pro-Israel activists; b) the courageous and statesmanlike leadership of Gov. Mike Huckabee to uphold Israel and the Sanctity of Innocent Human Life, to abolish the IRS for an end to its harassment of pastors and others, and to defend Natural Marriage and the 10th Amendment against judicial supremacy (House GOP/Dem-subsidized, judge-decreed nationalization of LGBT marriage – and soon, polygamy – upon the USA's "Straight State" Majority); c) Dr. James Dobson’s brave, steadfast support for the views of Gov. Huckabee and our nation’s Founders, as well as Jim’s generous cooperation over many years of church outreach efforts (e.g., voice messages to pastors ahead of Election Day); d) pro-bono aid from longtime friend and beneficiary, Ralph Reed, to reveal the dark depths of Republican Party corruption and collaboration with financiers of LGBT wedlock, homosexuality in the Boy Scouts and U.S. debt-financed abortion/homosex subsidies; and e) invaluable advice or insight which LMC&I Consortium planners have derived from interaction with business or 501(c) leaders like Jim DeMint, Tony Perkins, Jim Daly, Don Hodel, Charles Koch, David Koch, Rich Fink, Kevin Gentry, Jim Leininger, Tom Minnery, Kirk Cameron, Tim Wildmon, Brian Brown, John Eastman, Maggie Gallagher, Alan Sears, Mat Staver, Seamus Hasson, Bob Adams, Troy Newman, Craig Bergman, Paul Cameron, Frank Gaffney, David Brog, Mike Needham, Paul Teller, Chris Chocola, Jenny Beth Martin, Amy Kremer, Mark Meckler, Chris Chocola, Matt Kibbe, Brent Bozell, Howard Kohr, David Keene, Colin Hanna, Stuart Epperson, Tom Trento, Steve Moore, David Rivkin, Stefan Passantino, Cullen Davis, Edwin Meese, Ed Corrigan, Robby George, Peter Huizenga, Peter Roskam, Jim Bopp, David O'Steen, Darla St. Martin, Marjorie Dannenfelser, Lila Rose, Sean Noble, Matt Barber, Brad Dacus, Ray Ruddy, Charmaine Yost, Paul Caprio, Penny Nance, Michelle Bachmann, Rick Santorum, Judd Saul, Bob Vander Plaats, Chuck Hurley, Cary Gordon, Steve Deace, Jim Garlow, Jerry Boykin, John Stemberger, Brian Burch, Peter LaBarbara, Foster Friess, Ralph Reed, Jim Dobson, their fine staffs and organizations and so many others.

A growing, sophisticated number of such leaders, within THE LIFE, MARRIAGE, CONSCIENCE & ISRAEL VOW Consortium or on the sidelines, are uniting in grim recognition that the First Branch of the U.S. Government (Congress, by which Speaker John Boehner’s House Republicans have owned Constitutional “Purse Power” control over every dime of U.S. borrowing and spending since 2010) is submissively and unconscionably debt-financing and subsidizing such patent evils as abortion (the killing of tiny, innocent Americans in the womb), anti-Semitism (via UNRWA) and anti-Constitutional judicial supremacist decrees of the Third Branch (Anthony Kennedy plus four leftist Supreme Court justices) for the imposition and nationalization of homosexual wedlock upon the USA’s “Straight State” Majority. Not to mention: shameful GOP borrowing authorizations to subsidize countless lawless deeds by the Second Branch (President Obama, his Justice Department, his IRS, his INS, his HHS/Obamacare administrators, etc.) without accountability.

Some Voter Guides accessible above seek to bring that accountability, while others may reflect a partisan “Business-as-Usual” tribalism among conservative, “Religious Right” or faith-based activists which, significantly, correlates with the abortion deaths of 57 million innocent American babies over the last four decades – nearly 20% of the USA’s current population, nearly 10 times the number of human beings destroyed in the Holocaust – since Roe v. Wade.

And today, it is beyond debate that Capitol Hill Republicans (with Democrats) are National Debt-financing and subsidizing the impending Roe v. Wade of same-sex marriage – the negation of Natural Marriage, the impending, DC-decreed nationalization of sodomatrimony, anal-sexuality, lesbianism and early death for America’s youngas if offering America’s adolescents, along with her unborn infants, for sacrifice on high-place altars to Baal, as if cannibalizing our children.

Today, Republicans and Democrats in Congress are funding the rape of the 10th Amendment and hetero-monogamy in these United States – against the will of the People and their Creator, the Intelligent Designer of all Humanity and Endower of our Natural Rights of Life and Liberty. Those rights and that beneficent Creator, honored by Jefferson and the Founders in the Declaration of Independence, the charter document of our Great and Exceptional American Republic, are no less real today than in 1776.

To see if your Congressman, Senator or challenger is a courageous Hill hero who vows against financing such deep offenses to Heaven and Judeo-Christian Ethics with ever-higher National Debt and IRS receipts – to see if he or she rejects higher borrowing and taxes to fund anti-Semitism, abortion, mandatory abortion pills, widespread conscience offenses and polygamy, polyandry and same-sex “marriage” – click here.

We respectfully leave it to you, as a good shepherd of your flock walking alongside the Good Shepherd of all, to prayerfully determine by His guidance which voter guide(s) herein or elsewhere may be most appropriate for your people.

Thank you for being a good shepherd, and for honoring our Almighty Good Shepherd in all you do.

Peace and Shalom!